How long is the lamp warranty period?

Considering the limited lifespan of a lamp (see, How long will the lamp keep shining?), the warranty is also limited. Depending on the manufacturer, the warranty for most lamps is 3, 4 or 6 months. If the length of the warranty is an important factor for you when buying a lamp, please contact us. We can tell you what the warranty period is for specific lamps, and if you are interested, we can recommend other suitable lamps with a longer warranty. For example, generic lamps or original lamps in non-original housing often have a longer warranty than original lamps. This is not due to their reliability but rather has more to do with the business policies of the lamp manufacturers or suppliers. Even relatively short warranties are long enough to cover a possible lamp failure that may arise due to a manufacturing defect and which usually occurs within the first few hours of operation. For this reason, we recommend that you install the newly bought lamp as soon as possible and that you try it out on full power mode. If you buy more than one lamp for a projector so that you have a spare in case your projector lamp suddenly fails, always try out each of the newly purchased lamps and leave each one switched on for at least 10 hours. After this, you can store the spare lamps. We also recommend reading the article “10 Tips to Increase Projector Lamp Life Expectancy”. There you can find a lot of important information in one convenient place, saving you money and unnecessary headaches.

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